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Top Restaurants in Anguilla

1. Veya: This Caribbean-Mediterranean fusion restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere and a delightful menu featuring creative dishes and live music.

2. Blanchards: A long-standing favorite, Blanchards showcases superb seafood and international cuisine in an elegant beachfront setting.

3. Straw Hat: Located on the picturesque Meads Bay, Straw Hat offers a diverse menu of Caribbean and international dishes, complemented by stunning ocean views.

4. Hibernia: This romantic restaurant blends French, Thai, and Caribbean flavors, creating a unique and sophisticated dining experience in a beautiful hilltop setting.

5. Jacala: Famous for its delicious French and Caribbean cuisine, Jacala is a beachfront gem known for its warm hospitality and exquisite flavors.

6. SandBar: Situated on the stunning Sandy Ground beach, SandBar offers a laid-back atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and a menu featuring fresh seafood and other delectable dishes.

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