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Tipping on Cruises

Tipping on cruises can vary depending on the cruise line and its policies. Here are some general guidelines:

1. Gratuities: Many cruise lines automatically charge a daily gratuity or service charge per person, which covers tips for the dining staff, cabin stewards, and other onboard services. This amount is typically added to your onboard account and distributed among the crew at the end of the cruise.

2. Additional Tips: While the daily gratuity covers most of the tipping, it's common for passengers to give additional tips for exceptional service. This could include a special tip for a crew member who went above and beyond, such as a bartender, waiter, or room service attendant.

3. Specialty Services: Some cruise lines have specialty dining or spa services where an additional service charge may be automatically added to your bill. You can choose to adjust or add extra gratuities based on your satisfaction with these services.

4. Porters and Shore Excursions: When disembarking at ports, it's customary to tip porters who handle your luggage. The amount varies, but a general guideline is $1-2 per bag. Additionally, if you take part in organized shore excursions, it's common to tip the guides and drivers based on your satisfaction.

It's important to note that tipping policies may vary, so it's always a good idea to check with your specific cruise line regarding their recommendations and guidelines. Some cruise lines may have a no-tipping policy where gratuities are included in the upfront cost. Ultimately, tipping is a personal decision, and it's always appreciated to recognize exceptional service.

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